Case Study 1

This case study focuses on a student named Mark, who is in fifth grade.  His primary language is English.  The documents below describe Mark's reading, spelling and writing performance at the beginning of the year.  Using these materials, write a response in which you apply your knowledge of reading assessment and instruction to analyze this case study.  

Your response should include three parts: 

1. identify three of Mark's important reading strengths and/or needs at this point in the school year, citing evidence from the documents to support your observations; 

2. describe two specific instructional strategies and/or activities designed to foster Mark's literacy development for the remainder of the school year by addressing the needs and/or building on the strengths you identified; and 

3. explain how each strategy/activity you describe would promote Mark's reading proficiency.

The following running record shows the miscues he made while reading.

Mark ignored all punctuation marks at the end of the sentences. His reading was slow and halting. He hesitated between words. 

The following is his retelling:

Norm, Norman was the happiest rabbit in whole world because he was first to play first, center field. And, and, he was going to be a part of the team with the resters on the bench. That’s all.

The following a sample of Marks’ writing:

I wuld mak my scool beter by asking pepul to pik up the trash everday. I wuld also tel them to pik up in the lunch tabuls. And be quit in line.

The following is a sample of one of Mark's spelling tests:


The following was taken from a response journal that Mark kept:

I lik the book how to be a purfect pursun in three dayz. It was fun. The boy was nis.